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It's tagtime!

Apparently this is one of the cool and clever things to do to get your own and other people's blogs some deserved recognition. You make post on a specified subject and then link to a few other blogs that will in turn do the same thing. I was tagged by Karen So here we go:

7 strange facts about me

1. I only use the first initial of my first name. T. Benjamin Larsen, what's that all about? Well back in '72 when young Mr. Larsen arrived Benjamin wasn't exactly your run-of-the-mill name here in Norway. My grandparents were less than thrilled and insisted on a "proper" Norwegian name. I got one, but won't reveal what the T stands for at this time…

2. I own a car but have never had a licence. Being a 35 year old male, the fact that I don't have a licence often get people to raise their eyebrows. The ownership of a car is of course explainable as I own it together with my wife who does drive. (And have a licence!)

3. I am a huge fan of Liverpool Football Club. Well, not that strange as it is of course the greatest club in the world. I am however able to see the absurdity in the fact that a born-and-bread Norwegian get mood-swings based on have a north-English, American owned football-team trained by a Spaniard is doing on the pitch. (Some of you might refer to football as soccer, but this is the game where the players actually passes the ball with their feet!)

4. I have a soft spot for Howard the Duck. That's right the duck known as one of hollywoods biggest turkeys has a special place in my heart. I accept that it's not good, but for me it has enough charm and (for its time) some great effects. (I love the stop-motion monster in the end sequence).

5. I have a silly drinking problem. Not the serious kind, but I find it hard to drink slowly. Whatever the beverage, as long as I have a glass i front of me I seem to finish it before anyone else have emptied half of theirs. Not a problem when it's water, but at other times…

6. I once bought an Amiga-CD32. An amigo-whatwhat? The Amiga-CD32 was Commodore's desperate attempt to revive the company with an Amiga-based gaming console. Too-little-too-late and some really badly thought through specifications meant it was doomed on release. No one bought one, at least no one with an ounce of common sense.

7. I can't stand Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings films. Yes I know I am not totally alone in this but as I love fantasy, enjoy most of Jackson's earlier work and was a huge Tolkien fan as a kid it is kinda' odd. What's even stranger is the fact that I own the extended version of all three films on DVD.

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