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Insulting Monk

It’s actually a fairly long time ago. But I just realised that I’ve never blogged about my second iPhone title «Insulting Monk». It’s a fairly simple little thing, being an insult generator, I did however put a lot of work into the presentation of the title. The idea was to make a really friendly application with an environment the user would like to return to. (Despite being constantly abused, that is!)

Anyway, as this blog is geared towards visual storytelling I figured I’d share a couple of videos I made to advertise the title. First, here’s a small one about the creation of the background-graphics:

And to wrap it up here’s the final trailer I made for the title. As I really didn’t have any big earlier titles to refer to I figured it’d be a funny twist to namedrop a couple of big titles.

Those of you interested can read more about the title here.

iPhone Development

One of the things I have been able to do during my hiatus from the blogosphere is dipping my toes in the iPool, or the world of iPhone development to the rest of you. A couple of months back I released my first game the not too snappy, but incredibly accurately titled Ben’s somewhat spiffy-looking but ultimately craptastic rock-paper-scissors game(tm). Not exactly the kind of title to set the world on fire* but a suitably sized project to start my, no doubt, prosperous career as a games developer. Winking

I’m already working on no less than two other projects and believe a lot of this blog will be occupied with posts pertaining to this. Not to worry though I will try to attack the matter from a design point of view rather than a technical standpoint. As a taster for the things to come, here’s the game-trailer I made for my first game:

You can read more about it here or even buy it here!

*Why would anyone want to set the world on fire?! Surely that would be arson?!